Create Space for New Experiences

I had an interesting revelation a couple of weeks ago.  As many of you know, my wife and I and our wee little ones are on a 1-year European Adventure.  We’ve been stationed on the Emerald Isle (Northern Ireland) for the last 3 months- the land void of Mountain Dew and Lucky Charms, band due to the abnormally high sugar content.  You can get these items here.  Mountain Dew is sold in candy stores and Lucky Charms in specialty shops both of which come with a hefty price tag. Continue reading

Twitter King

Define God’s Sovereignty in One Tweet

I’ve been following a podcast lately called the Reformed Pubcast.  Reformed as in they are reformed Baptists and pub as in they like beer – beer and theology.  It’s entertaining to listen to, that’s for sure.  As Reformed Baptists they are pretty hard core Calvinists which I really don’t see eye to eye with on a lot of issues.  Listening to the show has peaked my interest in theology however so that will be fun in future posts.  I never really gave it much thought before. Just end everything in an “ism” and you’ll fit right in.

At any rate they threw out a challenge the other day on Twitter: Continue reading

Seek It Like Silver Pocket Pocket Book

Seek It Like Silver by Josh Walden
Seek It Like Silver by Josh Walden

My friend, Josh Walden, created a pocket book for new believers called “Seek it Like Silver”.  Josh is an incredible guy with an awesome story.  It’s always cool to see how God uses our selfish, pre-faith life as a kind of training for what he’ll be using us for in the future.  Josh is a great example. Continue reading

My Message

What Would Jesus Tweet? Part 1: His Message

I had an amusing ponderance the other day: if Jesus’ ministry started today, would he make use of social networks like Facebook and Twitter? If so, what would he tweet about?

Most scholars attribute the first Christian tweet to Jesus in John 8. Remember the story? After questioning Jesus about the appropriate response to a woman caught in adultery, he reached down and tweeted their handles in the dirt. Continue reading

Be Who You Were Born to Be

Be Who You Were Born To Be
Be Who You Were Born To Be

A couple of weeks ago we visited St George’s Market in Belfast (Northern Ireland). This is an indoor market full of vendors selling everything from fresh fish to antiques.  One of the vendors was an elderly local artist with a booth full of her artwork.  These probably wouldn’t be considered Rembrandts by any stretch of the imagination, but they were beautiful in their own way.  No of the lines were smooth or straight and you could see the original penciled pattern on the canvas albeit half erased.  To me they were beautiful because the artist poured her heart and soul into them and proudly put them on display for sale.  I wondered if anyone ever bought any of them then wondered if that ever made a difference to this lady. Continue reading

Introduction to Tim Ivey Blog

What's with this Spaghetti Blog?Those of you who know me know that I’m a serial blogger. Well, a serial blog starter at least. I’ve always had the best intentions and I’ve always started out strong. Those of you that know me also know I’m a dreamer. I’m all hunky-dory one minute for an idea and the next I’m on to something different. I get about 3 or 4 articles in and my “blog to change the world” passion shifts in another direction. Well here’s my line in the sand. Continue reading